Be A Dealer at The Emporium!

Turn Your Furniture, Home Decor, or Jewelry Into Cash!

You've got something to sell, and the Emporium has got space to rent and customers coming through to buy!

There are many excellent reasons to become a dealer at the Emporium:

- To create extra income

- To sell items that are no longer used -- if it's just collecting dust, make money on it instead!

- We can help you to downsize

- An ideal way to liquidate an estate or collection!

- Why pay rent and overhead for a retail location and pay employees to sell your items, when we would love to do all of that for you?!

- Consignment services available for individual pieces

Liquidate that collection you've inherited, outgrown, or that no longer fits into your lifestyle. Just ask one of our friendly, loving souls for more information and see how easy it is to start making extra MOOLAH today!