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ANTIQUES: Emporium St. Louis

Like any great antique store, Emporium St. Louis has a little bit of everything, making it a place where visitors can spend hour after hour searching for treasure after treasure.

With its wide selection, Emporium is worth the visit even for shoppers who don’t consider themselves true antique connoisseurs. Aside from the general charm of this cozy boutique, the vintage hot spot touts eclectic finds that quite literally can’t be found anywhere else.

Think uncommon jewelry pieces, home decorations that add flair to any room, statement furniture, and even beautiful floral arrangements. What brings guests back time after time is that every visit to Emporium means you could leave with a unique new piece that you never knew you needed.

9410 Manchester Road, St. Louis, 314-962-7300, facebook.com/emporiumst.louis