2017 Ladue News Platinum List Winner

Antique Store

Winner: Emporium St. Louis

A runner-up on last year’s Platinum List, Emporium St. Louis landed atop Ladue News readers’ 2017 list of local purveyors for quality antiques. Located on Manchester Road in a distinctive storefront highlighted with pink accents above the doors and windows, the store houses a number of antique dealers and consignment sellers who may be liquidating estates or personal collections.

In business since 1956, Emporium St. Louis now also offers a robust eBay presence where furniture, artwork, vintage clothing, housewares and more are available for a fixed price or by auction. Among the popular styles in the emporium, shabby chic continues to be a mainstay of the rotating stock. Customers can find exquisite interior and exterior furniture, unique antique jewelry and an array of home accessories.

Emporium St. Louis, 9410 Manchester Road, Rock Hill, 314-962-7300, emporium-stlouis.com