2017 Ladue News Platinum List Winner

Furniture Store

Winner: Emporium St. Louis

More than just an antique store, Emporium St. Louis is a hub for the local fine furniture trade. Pieces are unique and lend statement status to indoor and outdoor living areas. Styles can range from shabby chic to simple shakers to elaborately carved and painted items.

The variety of styles, colors, and materials means there’s something for every type of décor, and because the emporium is home to many antiques dealers and consignment sellers, new items arrive regularly. Customers can enjoy browsing the store in person or via eBay, where Emporium St. Louis offers furnishings both at fixed prices and by auction.

Emporium St. Louis, 9410 Manchester Road, Rock Hill, 314-962-7300, emporium-stlouis.com