2020 Ladue News Platinum List Winner


Emporium St. Louis

Regularly recognized as one of the top antique sellers in the metro area, Emporium St. Louis makes the perfect spot to search for knick-knacks, furniture, fixtures, jewelry, and other unique preowned items.

Visitors can browse the retailer’s cozy confines to track down their next great find. It’s hard to put into words exactly what one might find, as Emporium is always rotating and replacing its offerings, but the tastemakers who run the shop have an eye for the interesting (and the useful).

Even better, shoppers can search through select items on Emporium’s website. But any true picker will tell you that when it comes to antiquing, the thrill of the hunt fulfills just as much as the find itself. In that regard, Emporium never disappoints.

Emporium St. Louis, 9410 Manchester Road, St. Louis, 314-962-7300, emporium-stlouis.com